Visit those in Prison


Of the six directives from The Judgment of Nations, this is the least obvious. Why would Jesus see this as being so important?

For those blessed with a large family or some other community, being a stranger may be a foreign concept; for others, being alone in this world can be downright dangerous, and it is vitally important to be surrounded by a network of supportive people.

This can take many forms, at all phases in life; for example:

  • A student might invite the new kid to play basketball
  • A long-time employee might ask the new hire out to lunch.
  • A churchgoer might invite the new neighbors over for dinner.
  • A family might invite someone sitting alone to their table.
  • A couple may adopt a child.

The stranger faces a host of obstacles in their life. Often through some life's event, they may be in a position where they must deal with many difficult issues, such as unfamiliarity with a new area, loneliness, and lack of a support network. Even simple life's issues, such as needing a reference, may be a real challenge.

Even for the most personable, it can be very difficult for a stranger to insert themselves into social circles. For the more introverted, or those who are a little older, it can be difficult to find even one good friend. That is why it is so important to give strangers an opportunity.

The OVerus Organization is committed to addressing this issue. We donate 2% of our annual gross income to organizations created to welcome strangers.

As a shopper, the OVerus emblem empowers you to with a simple way to live up to this directive. Choose OVerus brands, and you take part in the commission to welcome a stranger.

We Practice what we Preach...

  • The OVerus Organization is proud to donate 12% of its gross income to charity.
  • We divide this amount into six slices.
  • 2% of this amount is donated to efforts that support each of the six directives that Jesus gave us in The Judgment of Nations [Matthew 25].

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