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National Arbitration Forum
Re: overus.com domain

12 Jul 2013


On 03 Jun 2013, The OVerus Organization submitted the following cybersquatting complaint to the National Arbitration Forum regarding the "overus.com" domain name. The decision was for the RESPONDENT:


Complaintant not having established all three elements required under the Policy, the Panel concludes that relief shall be DENIED.

Accordingly, it is Ordered that the <overus.com> domain name REMAIN WITH Respondent.

I respect both the decision of the panel and the position of the respondent, but at the same time, I am deeply disappointed. Beyond the disruption of commerce and disregard for the trademark registration, this decision is a painful blow to an innovative humanitarian effort.

Desite the setback, I remain steadfast in my efforts to advocate for Jesus's six edicts from The Judgment of Nations. I will tirelessly continue my work to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and welcome a stranger; to clothe the naked, care for the sick, and visit those in prison.

Keith Miklas
The OVerus Organization

05 Jul 2013


On this date, the National Arbitration Forum rendered the following decision.


22 Jun 2013

RESPONDENT Additional Submission.

FA Number: FA1306001503003

On this date, RESPONDENT submitted the following files.

RESPONDENT Additional Submission

20 Jun 2013

Additional Submission.

FA Number: FA1306001503003

On this date, The OVerus Organization submitted the following files.

Additional Submission
Annexation K. NJ Business Registration Certificate
Annexation L. IRS EIN Assignment
Annexation M. Response to Reverse Hijacking

17 Jun 2013

On this date, the response below was received from RESPONDENT.

Additional Submission

NOTE: Large file. May take a moment to download.

13 Jun 2013

Update to ICANN Complaint.

FA Number: FA1306001503003

Per request of "Alexandra R.," assigned ICANN Arbitrator from the National Arbitration Forum, the following annexation has been added to the complaint:

A copy of the ICANN Policy, pursuant to ICANN Rule 3(b)(xv).

Pertinent documentation can be found at the links below:

Email request from ICANN Arbitrator
Email attachment with request
Emailed response to request
Email Attachment Response to request
Annexation J: A copy of the ICANN Policy, pursuant to ICANN Rule 3(b)(xv)

03 Jun 2013

Find on this page the National Arbitration Forum ICANN cybersquatting complaint relating to the overus.com domain name.


UDRP Complaint Transmittal Sheet
National Arbitration Forum - overus.com ICANN complaint
Annexation A: OVERUS® USPTO Certificate
Annexation B: Communicating with RESPONDENT
Annexation C: COMDots.com Cease and Desist
Annexation D: Current Domain Name Resolution
Annexation E: overus.com Domain History
Annexation F: selldoms@gmail.com first price negotiation
Annexation G: selldoms@gmail.com second price negotiation
Annexation H: selldoms@gmail.com Cease and Desist Letter
Annexation I: Copy of Policy Applicable to Domain Name


All cease and desist letters sent on 20 May 2013 can be found at the following URL:

All cease and desist letters