Feed the Hungry


All of the points in The Judgment of Nations are amazingly timeless. They are as true today as they were 2000 years ago when Christ Himself walked the earth. In particular, the directive to "Feed the Hungry" remains surprisingly relevant.

How is it that hunger is still a problem today? Using modern farming techniques, the entire world could be fed several times over again. Unfortunately, the reality is that, every night, about 1 billion people go to sleep hungry.

In the parable of the loaves and fishes, Jesus himself was moved with pity by the hunger of his followers.

The OVerus Organization is committed to addressing this issue. We donate 2% of our annual gross income to food banks and organizations dedicated to addressing the issue of hunger.

As a shopper, the OVerus emblem empowers you to with a simple way to live up to this directive. Choose OVerus brands, and you take part in the commission to feed the hungry.

We Practice what we Preach...

  • The OVerus Organization is proud to donate 12% of its gross income to charity.
  • We divide this amount into six slices.
  • 2% of this amount is donated to efforts that support each of the six directives that Jesus gave us in The Judgment of Nations [Matthew 25].

    • Judment of Nations pie graph