Drink to the Thirsty


Of the six points that Jesus raised in The Judgment of Nations, perhaps the most open to interpretation is the directive to give drink to the thirsty. Just what did He mean by "drink?" Was he talking about water, wine, or some other drink? What does this drink represent? The good news of His gospel? Water, or the living water that Christ is? Education? Dozens of interpretations of this phrase have been made since Christ walked the earth.

The OVerus Organization understands this in a more literal sense; that is, actually giving water (H 2O) to those who physically thirst.

In underdeveloped countries, clean and drinkable water can be hard to find. Contaminated water carries a host of diseases, including typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea. These kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.

In developed countries, clean water is also becoming more of a problem. Contamination from factories, human waste, fertilizers, and other pollutants makes much water undrinkable.

The OVerus Organization is committed to addressing this issue. We donate 2% of our annual gross income to organizations formed to address the issue of clean water. We also support innovative solutions designed to purify contaminated water.

As a shopper, the OVerus emblem empowers you to with a simple way to live up to this directive. Choose OVerus brands, and you take part in the commission to give drink to the thirsty.

We Practice what we Preach...

  • The OVerus Organization is proud to donate 12% of its gross income to charity.
  • We divide this amount into six slices.
  • 2% of this amount is donated to efforts that support each of the six directives that Jesus gave us in The Judgment of Nations [Matthew 25].

    • Judment of Nations pie graph