Care for the Sick


So much of Jesus's ministry was dedicated to caring for the sick. He cured leprosy and paralysis. He made a blind man see. He cured every disease and illness.

Perhaps the most difficult part of being sick is being dependent on others. Most of us want to be self-sufficient, and take care of ourselves, but when sickness hits, we are forced to rely on others.

In an era where health care is one of the hottest political issues, the edict to care for the sick is as important today as it was in the time of Christ.

The OVerus Organization is committed to addressing this issue. We donate 2% of our annual gross income to organizations created to provide medicine and health care services to those in need.

As a shopper, the OVerus emblem empowers you to with a simple way to live up to this directive. Choose OVerus brands, and you take part in the commission to Welcome a Stranger.

We Practice what we Preach...

  • The OVerus Organization is proud to donate 12% of its gross income to charity.
  • We divide this amount into six slices.
  • 2% of this amount is donated to efforts that support each of the six directives that Jesus gave us in The Judgment of Nations [Matthew 25].

    • Judment of Nations pie graph