What is OVerus? What does the word mean? What is the logo for? Naturally, you may have questions about the emblem. Here you will find more information about the mark and the organization

We practice what we preach! The OVerus Organization donates 12% of gross income to the six causes that Jesus identified in the Judgment of Nations: feed the hungry


What is OVerus?

The OVerus® emblem

The OVerus® emblem, pictured at top-left, is a certification mark. It is used on brands to identify products and services that comply with certification requrirements set by the OVerus Organization

Similar devices with which you may be familiar include the USDA Organic® mark, Fair Trade® logo, the Good Housekeeping® Seal of Approval®, and kosher marks.

The OVerus Organization

The OVerus Organization is the official governing agency for the OVerus emblem. It is responsible for establishing certification requirements, certifying brands, enforcing proper use, policing unauthorized use, and all other tasks associated with operation and management of the logo.


The word "OVerus" means "acceptable" as it relates to Christian stewardship. The word is derived from the Latin "verus," which translates to "true" or "proper." The Latin to English translation of OVerus is, "of truth," or "a longing for truth."

We also like to think that God watches, "Over Us."


The mission of The OVerus Organization is to mark products and services that respect Christian values with The OVerus Emblem, enabling good stewards to choose those consistent with their values.

Certification Requirements

What does a brand have to do to get certified? Our certification requirements are documented on our Brands page.